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MAY 2024

Welcome to Mathys Matters - your monthly update from Mathys & Squire, covering all the recent intellectual property and sector news/updates throughout May! 

This month we’re shining a spotlight on the increase in the number of drone patents filed worldwide.

Our latest articles throughout May include: commentary on the European Patent Office (EPO) decision T 293/19, promotion news at Mathys & Squire, including three new partners, a discussion outlining factors to consider when drafting patent applications protecting materials used in medical devices, and an update on the Unified Patent Court (UPC) test case Mathys & Squire filed in support of open justice.

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 Number of drone patents filed worldwide jumps 16% in past year  -

drone patents

The number of global patents filed for drone technology has increased 16% from 16,800 in 2022 to 19,700 in 2023 (includes patents for drone countermeasures), new research from Mathys & Squire shows.

Increased innovation in drone technologies has been driven by greater research and development (R&D) spending in the defence sector, the ongoing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into drone technology as well as drones that can better handle countermeasures. This reflects the growing usage of drones in military conflicts.

Commentary by Partner Andrew White has been featured in The Independent and The Patent Lawyer, discussing how R&D in defence, alongside agriculture and logistics, is driving innovation in drone technology.

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case law

Does an inventive process entitle you to a claim to an obvious product?

30 May 2024

In recent EPO decision T 293/19, a Technical Board of Appeal has suggested that claims to products that could be envisaged as obvious improvements over the prior art, but which could not be produced using methods known in the art, may not be deemed inventive. This decision departs from a long-standing line of previous case law. In this article, Managing Associate Alex Elder and Partner Alexander Robinson discuss the decision and the significant departure it seems to represent from the principles established by T 595/90.

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Mathys & Squire promotes three experts to partners

29 May 2024 

Mathys & Squire is pleased to announce the promotion of Laura Clews, Samantha Moodie and Edd Cavanna to Partners at the firm. After joining Mathys & Squire as Technical Assistants, all three have grown into highly regarded specialists in their respective fields. Additionally, Mathys & Squire has promoted five attorneys to Managing Associates – Alex Elder, Adam Gilbertson, Lionel Newton, Oliver Parish and Leonard WrightWe are proud to have them at our firm and look forward to continue growing our practice and the exceptional services we deliver to our clients.

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medical devices

Patenting materials in medical devices at the EPO

9 May 2024 

Within the innovation-driven medical device industry, new materials can significantly enhance device performance, patient safety, and treatment outcomes, leading to competitive advantages. Protecting materials-related inventions is therefore of high importance. In this article, Managing Associate Chloe Flower discusses factors to consider when drafting patent applications protecting materials used in medical devices and highlights challenges that may arise.

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test case

Update on Mathys & Squire test case in support of open justice

8 May 2024

Mathys & Squire filed a test case to secure public access to evidence in the UPC at the end of November 2023. That case was stayed, pending the UPC Court of Appeal’s decision in Ocado v Autostore. The test case has now resumed and Partners Nicholas Fox, Alexander Robinson and Andreas Wietzke, acting on behalf of Mathys & Squirehave provided their comments to the Munich Central Division so that the Judge-Rapporteur can rule on their request.

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